Instrument Build, Repair And Modification

What Is This Site and Why Am I Doing It?


First of all, please bear with me while I rearrange all the pages and information – I’m too busy but I will get there! Some of the links aren’t working: those too will be sorted.


This site is a collection of my learning experience of the build, repair and modification (hopefully for the better) of musical gear including guitars (they’re my main thing), amplifiers and pedals.

At the moment I do this for friends but hope to move into this more and away from my day job!


Having played (mainly) guitar intensively for many years, I took a loooong break – not actually intending to come back to music. It was a decision I found hard to come to terms with for many years but after two and a half years of a full-time music degree and three of sound technology, I became disillusioned enough to accept it. Sort of.

That’s a longer story, the shorter is better – I found nice people in a nice place and a relaxed environment and things started happening again! While I’m not a full-time musician, a lot of my spare time is taken up with music / performance related stuff – studio, mixing, gigs and gear building, repair and modification.

Gear Build, Repair And Modification

Dusting off the guitars, pedals and amps after a 10 year stint in the attic, it was obvious they needed a sprucing-up; after taking my guitars to 3 different “reputable” shops I realised that I’d become damn picky and – rather than waste cash on someone doing a mediocre or not-to-my-satisfaction job – I needed to do it myself.

Rather than practise on my Japanese Strat or ’78 Les Paul, I thought that assembling a bunch of random parts would give me some good practice – this was the beginning of the Heinz Partscaster and the Stratocaster From Scratch projects.

My old VOX V15 also got hauled out from the very spot in the attic where I put it 20 odd years ago – it’s there as a project too. I’ll add more when I do them and when I get time – there’s a modded Crybaby project which is finished (and which I’m quite proud of – mainly because it works!) and another couple of bits and pieces.

None of this would be possible at all without the countless online resources but especially these ones:

  • Telecaster Guitar Forum

    Telecaster Guitar Forum

  • Stratocaster Guitar Forum

    Stratocaster Guitar Forum


    Please feel free to comment, support, criticise and anything else!

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