Mounting The Guitar Neck

Mounting The Guitar Neck – Tapping The Screws

Mounting the guitar neck is something I always found daunting; to be more precise, drilling and screwing big screws into an expensive piece of finely-crafted wood is something I find daunting. And I still do.

The neck plate arrived in the post today; the oily guitar body is still drying on the washing line so in the meantime I thought I’d make sure the alignment of the holes was correct and that the screws would fit.

Neck Plate Fitting

Checking the new neck plate

The neck plate is great, nice and clean, heavy and feels like good quality. I got this from RC Guitars whodo free shipping everywhere in the UK. I did have qualms about the screws though, they feel big and chunky and when I set them into the neck in the photo above, they didn’t want to really go in. I therefore set about checking they were correct Fender Strat sizing and got the following from the Unofficial Warmoth Forum (great resource!)


Neck Pocket and mounting hole measurements – click for a larger image.

Checking the width shank of one of the screws (the middle shaft without the thread) showed that they were indeed of the requisite length so I was happy 🙂

Check the screw shank width

Taken from a bit of a funny angle but you can just see that the shank lines up with the ” so it is exactly 8/16″ wide

To make sure the screws go in fine, wax them up – candle wax is fine, just drag it over the candle until you get some wax inbetween the threads as shown below. This helps them go in, maybe not smooth as butter but smooth all the same. Always go in slowly and follow a pattern of 3 turns in, back out 2 turns, 3 turns in, back out 2 turns etc. This means you are effectively “tapping” and takes away the danger of a split in the wood. If it’s too tight – DON’T FORCE IT!!! Your screw is either too big or the pilot hole too small. For reference, your pilot hole should be the width of the shank of the screw.

All is well here and the screws are taking nicely with the wax, no force needed to guide them in!

Wax the screws before inserting

Wax the screws before inserting into the mounting holes