#1 Preparation of the Wood

Preparation Of The Wood

While I’m waiting for the bridge and other hardware to arrive, I’ve been thinking about the body. There are some incredible natural finishes comprising sunbursts, swirls and a lot of people who are touting the benefits of using different products.

I finally settled on two which I thought were great and kind of suited what I was looking to achieve – these I found on the forums and I have collated the forum posts together in order to have everything in one place. The authors and their forum threads are referenced and linked to at the top of each page and they deserve major recognition for their work.

Finishing the body: Hand Rubbed Stained Wood Burst

Hand Rubbed Stained Wood Burst by Gator Payne of the MyLesPaul forums

The first¬† – Hand Rubbed Stained Wood Burst – is by Gator Payne of the mylespaul.com forums. His process describes how to achieve a sunburst effect and use your own choice of finish – oil, nitrocellulose, or whatever. While I really, really like the results I can’t help feeling that this is maybe a little too much to bite off right now, being my first project and all. My lack of workshop doesn’t help either and I’m already driving my partner a little crazy ..

The second – Wet Sanded Oil Finish Technique – comes from WesV at thefretboard.co.uk. In his words: “This is my method for oil finishes arrived at over years of experimenting and adding extra stages.”

danishoil1 danishoil2

This looks like an amazing finish too, just without the sunburst and he uses the danish oil without sealer. As I’m way over-budget already, I’m going to try this out first. As he points out, it’s non-destructive and if a different finish needs to go over the top then it shouldn’t be an issue!

Having finished the research I popped down to the local ToolShed and got some supplies in:

Supplies for finishing the body

Supplies for finishing the body