#3 Buffing The Body

Buffing The Body

This is an example of what not to do. When they say buff, wait for it to dry and then buff. Don’t do what I did, which is try and buff with a rag ..

In fact, I tried using an old cotton T-shirt. Well, the finish wasn’t dry enough and the T-shirt wasn’t lint-free enough 🙁

T-Shirt Lint

Not so visible in the photo – blue T-shirt lint to the left of the pickup rout. Arg!

Then I had a great idea – a quick going over with white spirit to take just the top layer off .. Unfortunately this resulted in streaky horribleness.

Streaky fniish

Note the white streak behind the tremolo rout – double arg.

Well, it’s supposed to be a learning process – I went back to medium and fine standard sandpaper before working through wet n’ dry 320 and then 400 grit to get it back to clean and smoother than a baby’s proverbial:

Sanding back the body

Ahhhh – nice and smooth and clean again!

I adjourned for a coffee at this point to read some more forum and cry a little bit.