Fretwire Comparison Chart (Metric)

Fretwire Comparison Chart (Metric) – Stewmac & Dunlop

This Fretwire Comparison Chart details the measurements and classifications of the different Stewmac and Dunlop fretwire offerings.

For sizes in thousandths of an inch (Imperial) see Imperial Fretwire.

Width (W)
Height (h)
Jim Dunlop 6310 SMALL 18%N/S 1.35mm 0.79mm
Jim Dunlop 6300 SMALL 12%N/S 1.60mm 0.64mm
Jim Dunlop 6270 MEDIUM 18%N/S 1.90mm 0.76mm
Jim Dunlop 6290 MEDIUM 18%N/S 1.98mm 1.02mm
Jim Dunlop 6230 MEDIUM 18%N/S 1.99mm 1.08mm
Jim Dunlop 6200 MEDIUM 12%N/S 2.00mm 1.10mm
Jim Dunlop 6220 MEDIUM 12%N/S 2.00mm 1.10mm
Jim Dunlop 6260 MEDIUM 18%N/S 2.00mm 1.00mm
Stewmac 147 NARROW/MEDIUM 2.03mm 1.02mm
Stewmac 155 MEDIUM/HIGHEST 2.03mm 1.27mm
Jim Dunlop 6240 MEDIUM 18%N/S 2.03mm 0.94mm
Jim Dunlop 6190 MEDIUM 18%N/S 2.13mm 0.99mm
Stewmac 148 MEDIUM/MEDIUM 2.13mm 0.99mm
Jim Dunlop 6105 X HIGH 18% N/S 2.29mm 1.40mm
Stewmac 152 MEDIUM/HIGHER 2.34mm 1.22mm
Stewmac 141 MEDIUM/HIGH 2.41mm 1.14mm
Jim Dunlop 6170 LARGE 12%N/S 2.50mm 1.10mm
Stewmac 154 WIDE/HIGH 2.54mm 1.27mm
Jim Dunlop 6150 LARGE 18% N/S 2.59mm 1.07mm
Stewmac 149 WIDE/MEDIUM 2.62mm 1.16mm
Stewmac 146 WIDE/LOW 2.69mm 0.91mm
Jim Dunlop 6140 LARGE 18% N/S 2.70mm 1.00mm
Jim Dunlop 6100 X HIGH 18% N/S 2.71mm 1.24mm
Stewmac 150 WIDE/HIGHEST 2.79mm 1.32mm
Jim Dunlop 6120 LARGE 18% N/S 2.90mm 1.30mm
Jim Dunlop 6110 LARGE 18% N/S 2.92mm 1.24mm
Jim Dunlop 6000 X HIGH 18%N/S 2.99mm 1.47mm

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