Wilkinson WV6SB Tremolo

Wilkinson WV6SB Tremolo – a quick look.

Wilkinson Tremolo WV6-SB (Steel Block)

The WV6-SB Tremolo (Wilkinson Vintage 6 hole with Steel Block)


  • Only one of the holes is perfectly round (on the right on the photo) – the rest are elongated to accomodate bridge screws from 54 mm (2 1/8”) up to 56.4 mm (2 7/32″) – this may be quite handy for my beginner status!
  • The string spacing is slightly less at 54mm meaning that the strings are less likely to skip off the neck: “Narrower spacing gives a much more stable string lie across the neck, limiting the possibilities of the E strings slipping off the frets”
  • The steel block also features staggered string holes to make corrections to the intonation a relatively simple job, without putting too much stress on the saddles.

    Staggered String Holes

    String holes are staggered for easier intonation

You can read the fuller blurb at the www.axesrus.co.uk website. They also have a neat diagram with all the measurements which I’ve copied in below for completeness!

Wilkinson Tremolo WV6SB Dimensions

Wilkinson Tremolo WV6SB Dimensions