Wetsanding For Dummies

Wetsanding For Dummies

Another post from reranch.com, this time by marksound. This gets a great finish which you can then polish as per the Bluenotes recipe for a final shine.

Here’s a way to wetsand and get great results without really knowing what you’re doing!

  1. Start with 800 grit* wet on a block, sanding in one direction until the shiny spots are gone. Keep the paper damp and clean, but not dripping wet. If the surface is too dry, drip a few drops of water. Every time you rinse the paper, wipe the water and residue from the surface with a soft towel. Stay away from the edges at first to prevent sandthroughs.
  2. Move up to 1000 grit and wetsand 90 degrees from the original direction until all the previous sanding scratches are gone.
  3.  Wetsand with 1200 in the original direction until the previous scratches are gone.
  4. Repeat the above steps moving upward through the grits up to 2000.
  5. (Optional) Continue wetsanding with Micromesh pads (available from StewMac) up through 12000, repeating as above.

Polish per Bluenote’s recipe.

This is a basic, repeatable process that produces excellent results.