Squier Partscaster – Fitting The Neck

Well, having slotted the neck into the pocket, the holes didn’t really match up and my little bubble was burst. Looking more closely, there’s a rather large gap between the back of the pocket and the heel of the neck. Groan.

The pocket is more rounded whereas the heel is more square – something needs to give but what’s it going to be – the body or the neck?  A lot of people advise to modify the cheapest part which is usually the body but I’m thinking that a judicial bit of sanding down the “shoulders”  of the heel to make it somewhat rounder and make it fit more snugly is in order.

And indeed that turns out to be the ticket. I’ve only taken a little off but the difference it makes is incredible – practically no gap at all now and measuring 25.5″ from the nut to the bridge is do-able though the saddle will be right forward with not much flexibility.

I’ve sanded a wee bit more now and that looks like it’ll do.


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