Squier Partscaster – What Have We Got?

Squier Partscaster – What Have We Got?

Well, after a run on ebay, I’ve acquired some bits and pieces to be used for the Squier Partscaster. The first body I scored for £30 – swimming pool rout, dings left, right and centre and the strap buttons – otherwise naked but fine for a first mess about I thought.

I then saw another body, bid £15 for it not expecting to be successful but lo and behold I got it – another Squier Strat body but fully loaded and in really quite decent nick – just a wee scratch that the previous owner had already filled in lovingly with black nail varnish!

Result I thought, now for the neck. For another £25, again on the bay, I got an old Squier neck – loaded with tuners(!) – and a bit of bad decal-ing on the headstock. You can see where the Squier logo was removed and replaced with a poor quality Fender Stratocaster one; the back still sports the “Crafted in China” decal and the serial number: “CY98081485” which I’ll research later.

I’ve got a bunch of old strings which should be OK for getting the neck aligned and doing a rough intonation.

Should be a doddle right?


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