The VOX V15 Amplifier

The VOX V15 Amplifier

This page is my collection of VOX V15 amplifier resources. I have one of these which was my christmas or birthday present about 25 years ago and I’ve just dug it out of my mum’s attic before she moves house.

It’s not working and has been in the attic since it stopped working about 22 years ago!

I’m collating information and will attempt to fix it, hopefully documenting the success story here! I’m a bit of a sucker for modding stuff too so who knows where this may lead ..

These are pics and an excerpt from the VOX Showroom, I’ll replace the pics once I have my own photographed:

“The V15 was a concept that promised more than it delivered – it could have become the successor to the Jennings AC15, but internal layout problems prevented the achievement of the high gain and total range needed to capture the market for smaller amps, while the lack of reverb left it disadvantaged in another important way.”

Vox V15 Front

VOX V15 Front

Vox V15 Rear

VOX V15 Rear

VOX V15 Control Panel

VOX V15 Control Panel

Well, I obviously haven’t heard it for over two decades but when I was learning to play “Johnny B Goode” it sounded awesome when overdriven. Neighbours probably didn’t share my enthusiasm but luckily the one right next door was deaf as a post.

What I want to do first is restore it to a working condition and then look to see what can be done with it. Back then I remember thinking that the transformer had given up so testing the power supply is my first port of call.

I should mention that while I’m pretty handy, I’m not an electronics engineer so the learning curve will be pretty steep!


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