VOX V15 – A First Look

VOX V15 – A FirstLook

Well, the first look at the VOX V15 bore results! Last time I tried turning it on (early 90s) it just wouldn’t.

So, hauling it out, I see the first hurdle is the plug which has obviously seen better days – like when it had 3 pins and a complete casing!

VOX V15 New Plug equired

VOX V15 New Plug Required

Change that and test the fuses in the plug and the circuit board – replace the one in the circuit board and boom! Let there be light!

VOX V15 We Have Lights!

VOX V15 Let there be lights!

Well and there we have it – a power LED (always a good thing) and the faint glow from valves inside!!!

Once the power has been on for a minute or so, there’s a distinct hot and slight burning smell but I’m pretty sure it’s just dust and right enough, the power light is still on 10 minutes later – reckon we’re good!

There’s a loud buzz which isn’t affected by turning any of the knobs. Plugging in a cable to either the normal or brilliant inputs and touching the end doesn’t yield any audible results except maybe a faint crackling on the master knob but it’s too faint to be sure as the buzz is pretty loud.

Well, I’m happy that there’s power – I’m scared of electricity and if I’d had to look at the transformer for issues, this project would have taken time! Now – off to research what a buzz and no input could mean ..

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